Our Story

ARYA GIRI is a luxury prêt wear label built out of India. A designer brand with substance & emotion, and heritage & feeling. ARYA GIRI is a potpourri of nostalgia, fables, and memories wrapped into one. Having been raised across the globe, understandings of our rich culture and heritage came from the tangibilities, idiosyncrasies, and tales that were chips of our family pieced together.

Every collection embarks on the odyssey of exploring Indian culture through the lens of a diaspora persona. ARYA GIRI is a brand that is proudly hand-woven, handmade, and hand-embroidered in India. Coding the past and a mother’s heritage into the weave; the brand epitomises artisanship, extreme quality, & emotion over trend.

The ARYA GIRI woman is majestic, incandescent and effervescent. She values quality, history and breaking the rules.

Founder & Creative Director

Arya Giri is a fashion creative, entrepreneur, & designer. Exposed at a young age to weaver communities, through her royal lineage, she strives to revive traditions and create a space of Global Indian perspectives and understandings of the nuances of culture and identity. Arya has a degree in Fashion Media and Industries from Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore.