The graceful waltz of the ocean as it majestically churns out new life
The reverberations of the khombu (horn) as it chants brightly
These were the punctuations of the unassuming alleyways of Calicut
Coconuts mellifluously scuttle across the dust as they depart from their towering homes
Somewhere along the way this music morphs to echoing white noise; lost meaning. 

But then,
Choice moments appear when we hear these sounds again. And it’s like the first time. 
That sound is reborn in our Visceral Vocabulary.
It is practically elemental – that we are these sounds.
 This string tugs at your heart, mind, and aura.
Grounds your soul and curls your roots deeper to the soil once again. 
You are home.

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White with Green


Above is the collection’s color story. All pieces from the collection are available in the following color options.