A mesh of western and eastern ideology

ARYA GIRI is a brand that was born from a need to see garments that subtly but poignantly expressed the fusion of cultural touch points from the global Indian perspective. Having grown up across the globe, I understood my Indian roots more through the tangibilities than the intangibilities and nuances of our culture. This brand is my endeavor into exploring the depths of my culture in an innovative, idiosyncratic manner.

I wanted to build a brand that was purposeful and tied deeply to the narrative at every point of the experience. Be it through sustainability, slow fashion, and hand artisanship elements that drive the entire production process; or the poetic, subliminal messaging that the collection ultimately strives to decipher and explore. With this approach in mind, organically the structural crux of an emblem that narrated the collection’s poem was born.

I believe being a diaspora persona impacts my design process and sensibilities from the beginning to the end. I care deeply about prioritizing the inculcating of our looms and heritage into the pieces; as well as exploring these poetic narratives. From the silhouette point of view, I think it came naturally to me to want and need to build garments that were inherently a mesh of the Western and Eastern ideology. This distinctive ‘feeling’, if you will, has brought to life a subtle mesh woven of many worlds.